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Over the weekend, it was McHappy Day and like most Australians I went to my local Maccas and participated. This got me thinking about the social practices of organisations and how we can all help raise money and awareness for so many charities and foundations through Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility refers to an ethical framework that encourages businesses to giving back to society as a whole. A company can do this through methods such as donating money and items or improving their environmental impact. organisations should partake in socially responsible practices because it can lead to benefits such as retaining more business, empowering employees and improving brand image.

Why Should You Be Socially Responsible?

Attracting Customers

Sourcing from ethical materials or donating money to charity attracts customers with like minded values. It leads to customers being happy to pay more for a product if they know its being sourced from organic materials or benefiting a charity. For example, Burts Bees uses organic materials to create their makeup and they are one of the world’s leading natural personal care brands. It also attracts customers by giving them a sense of community with organisations such as Canva donating a proportion of their sales to the victims of the recent NSW Bushfire victims.

 Improves a Company’s Image

Using your resources to help a social issue can boost the public perception of your business because it shows a positive side to the company and improves the media coverage. It is a unique way to advertise your organisation and lead to greater profits. For example, Google uses a wide range of initiatives to increase their social responsibility and it has improved their corporate image with articles such as “Tech Giants Tackle Corporate Social Responsibility – and You Can Too”

Employee Empowerment

Being socially responsible is not just about the extrinsic values, it also empowers your employees to care about your organisation. This can be through employees believing in the same social issue a company is raising awareness for, using ethical labour practices for the development of your items and diversity in the workplace. Example of employee empowerment is Adidas using correct procedures with the creation of their products and speaking out against social issues such as child labour.

Employee Morale

An organisation that incorporate social responsibility into their practices attract likeminded employees. This can lead to higher productivity levels and it attract employees who have the same beliefs as the organisation does. An organisation such as Thank You Water was created to sell water bottles that aim to end global poverty. The employees care about helping create awareness to global poverty and the work they are doing is dedicated to achieving the goal of the company.

Ways to Be Socially Responsible


Some organisations create programs that give employees an option to volunteer to help a social issue. For example, Disney have a program called ‘VoluntEars” where staff members can volunteer their time for activities such as picking up rubbish on a beach or raising money for charities.

Environmental Considerations

Another form of being socially responsible is introducing initiatives that help reduce the environmental impact of products. For example, Coca Cola uses recycled plastic for their bottles because it has less of a harsh impact on the environment.


One of the most common ways for organisations to be socially reponsible is to raise money towards a charity or foundation of their choice. Cotton On uses their brand to create a foundation to help improve education in third world countries.

Philanthropic Efforts  

Philanthropic Efforts means using whatever resources you have to help those that need it. This can be with activities such as Microsoft creating the Microsoft’s 4Afrika Initiative which educates people from Africa with up and coming technology. It can also be seen through McDonalds having McHappy Day to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia

 Source from Ethical Materials

Another way organisation can be socially responsible is to source from ethical materials. Organisations like Lush and The Body Shop use products that were sourced organically and people are happy to pay the extra price for it.

Who Can Your Organisation Help?

There are a number of charities and foundations who can always use your help, these include:

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