4 Things to Look for in a House Inspection

Buying a house is one of the special things in your life. Going to inspections and looking at the size of your new backyard or the decor of the house can be a wonderful moment, however, when it comes to buying a house there are more things to consider.  Here are 4 things to look for when you buy a house that could save you money.  

  • Look at the house structure.

When you buy a house its important to look at the integrity of the property. If you see any holes in the roof or loose wires it could mean spending more money to fix than what you originally thought. It is also important to focus on whether the house suits your needs such as the number of bedrooms or if it has enough parking spaces.

  • Plumbing

Always remember to look at the plumbing facilities in the house your inspecting. If the plumbing has water damage or leaks, it could create a mold problem and potentially cause health issues. It is also important to check if the facets work and the toilet flushes because this could lead to you having more expenses in the end.

  • Check the Neighborhood

The house you are going to buy will be your home for at least the next 5 years. It’s important to look in the surrounding area and see where the closest public transport is or where educational facilities are. Look out and see if there are any nearby construction or planned developments in the future, if there is it could cause you a loud couple of mornings in the future.


It is important to make sure everything works! Touch every light switch, flush every toilet and make sure that everything is working properly. Look at the heating and cooling systems as well and test if everything works. If there is something that doesn’t work, it can end up costing you more long term.

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